20 Things I’m Not Too Young For (Part II)

11)      Be content with where you are: With so many changes taking place (going to high school & graduating, going to college & graduating, getting involved in different groups, working different jobs, etc.) it can be easy to always wish you were at the “next thing.” Instead, realize that God has given you different seasons for different reasons. I have to tell myself this every day because it is very easy for me to wish I was a college graduate, married, and active in the job I have always wanted. But God is teaching me how to enjoy the process and be content until then (Philippians 4:10-13).

12)      Know Who You Are Going To Marry: Seriously. You are not too young. Nathan and I started dating when I was 17 and he was 18. However, we did not go off and do things on our own. We have had the support of our parents and families, close friends, pastors and mentors. So I am not encouraging anyone to date anyone they want while everyone who cares about you is against it. But I do believe God can bring you someone when you are young!  It’s not everyone’s story, but it does happen!

13)      Learn a Trade: I received my cosmetology license by the time I graduated high school. Although I am not working in a salon, I have never regretting my decision in going to cosmetology school. It is a hobby I enjoy and I can be a blessing to people in this way for the rest of my life. Find something you enjoy, and learn as much as you can. You never know when God will put someone in your life that needs your skill.

14)       Eat Right. Exercise Right. It’s sad how if you eat healthy food, people think you are on a diet or insecure about your weight. You are not too young to make healthy decisions. It’s harder and takes more time, but I believe in taking care of the body God gave you.  

15)       Know your spiritual gifts and use them: One of mine is the gift of Encouragement. Because of that, I want to encourage everyone I meet. I want people to leave our conversation better than before we met. (Find out more about them here: Romans 12:6-8,  1 Corinthians 12:4-11,  28-11, Ephesians 4:12)    

16)       Be comfortable with how God created you: My personality does not always lead me to be super witty and hilarious, and the center of attention. I prefer to reach out to the person that doesn’t talk that much or is truly going through a difficult time. For example, if we are in a group setting, I want to talk to the person that is quiet. I would rather forget the whole group and talk to that person. That is how God created me to be and I have learned to embrace it.  

17)       Be Bold: You are not too young to share the Gospel and be open about your relationship with the Lord with the people you are around. Don’t leave it to church leaders or people that are older. Share what God has done in your life with you friends, co-workers, random people you just happen to meet. Check back at my other post, “20 Things I’m Not Too Young For (Part I)” to find examples of young people in the Bible doing this.

18)      Expect and Experience God’s miracles: I have seen God provide money where there is none, given me joy in circumstances that were not fun, heal relationships in my life that I thought would never be okay, see people get saved that everyone said would never go to church, etc. I could literally go on and on. Pray outside the box. Expect the unexpected. Believe God to work miracles in your life. And He will (James 1:6-7).

19)      Hear God’s Voice: Prayer isn’t a 1 way conversation. God can and will speak to you when you are young. Whether it’s through His Word, people He puts in your life, or the leading from the Holy Spirit, He wants to lead you and speak to you. Yes, even when you are young .

20)   Give, Give, Give: Sometimes we assume that because we don’t make a lot of money, we can’t be a blessing to other people. So instead, we do nothing.  You can give regardless. If you don’t give with what you have now, you certainly won’t give with what you will have later. Write a card, spend time with someone, bake something sweet if money is tight. Pay for someone’s meal. And make sure they know it’s not because you are a nice, giving person. Make sure they know it’s because of God’s grace and love you are able and want to give. You are not too young to make a difference and give!

I hope these simple things have encouraged you in some way. The excuse of “I’m too young” is not valid when it involves God using you to impact other people, and for Him to move in YOUR life. Start living for Him today because His blessings are way too awesome to miss out on.


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