{beauty tips & tricks}

Yay! I’m SO glad you’re here! I’ve put together just a few things I have learned along the way in the beauty world and industry. You may already know some of them (these will be VERY basic), and then again, there may be a few that you have not heard of yet or tried! Regardless, I use them all on a regular basis and maybe it can help you along your way! Everyone is different, so many of these tips are just my preference because they work for me. 

PLEASE NOTE: Several tips will include some very simple products that you can buy from Walmart/Target/Local Drugstore 

  • Jergans Daily Moisture Lotion  1) Use lotion before you put your make-up on if you have normal to dry type of skin. If you use primer as well, put the lotion on before your primer. Your make-up will last longer throughout the day because your make-up has something to attach to!

(Note: I wait several minutes between putting the lotion on my face and starting my make-up routine….brush your teeth or something in between!)

<—– I use this for EVERYTHING. I don’t spend extra $$ on face lotion because my face reacts to this brand/kind just fine.

  • DSCN0321  2) Speaking of brushing your teeth…. I use baking soda with my toothpaste to help my teeth stay white. Crest White Strips are expensive!! & this is just as effective….if you consistently use it.

I always dip my toothbrush with the toothpaste & water already on it in my container with baking soda in it (this is actually a soap dish [can ya tell?!?…..] from the $1 travel section at Wally World) Please let me know if you have a better idea!

Your toothpaste flavor will help the “taste” of baking soda.

  • Olive Oil 3) Use Olive Oil and cotton balls for bad cuticles/dry skin around nails

I work at a gymnastics gym…..so the combination sweat & chalk in the air and constantly spotting children on skills make my hands turn into hangnail city. No, but really.

My cuticles dry out VERY easily because of this. I put olive oil in a little shampoo container (again, $1 in the Walmart travel section) and use cotton balls to rub the oil all over my finger nails and cuticles. I let it sit for a few minutes and then I wipe off. I love it!!! Helps keep hangnails and dry skin AWAY!

  • wide tooth comb 4) Now this my friend…I beg you. Please invest in a wide-tooth comb.

I literally cringe every time I see someone using a smaller comb or brush on their wet hair. Your hair is 30%-35% MORE elastic (stretchy) when wet. When you pull on it, you are literally damaging and breaking your hair!

Pull out single hair next time you pop out of the shower. Pull on each end and see for yourself….

Be gentle. Use a wide-tooth comb. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Use a detangler if you need to.

  • argon oil   5) This is my absolute favorite product ever! Argon Oil (In Walmart @ Natural Hair product selection) It serves as a heat protectant (always a plus) and it helps moisturize those dry, porous ends. I am growing my hair out so this is huge for me. I also use a teensy weensy bit to contain stray hairs up top if I am going for a sleek, straight hair look. Mind you…a little goes a LONG way. If you get carried away, your hair will look greasy.
  • baby oil   6) BABY OIL! I use baby oil to remove my eye make-up. This is off brand for a little over $2  and it does the job AMAZINGLY. I actually saw my friend Jenny from college do this and I was hooked. If you have oily skin and are afraid of breaking out, just make sure you wipe your eyes (gently) afterwards to remove the oil (you have to do this anyway). Don’t waste money on those itty bitty amount make-up removers unless you have to have oil-free.


I use these little cotton pads to help me out with removing my eye make-up.  I buy them in bulk because I use them for SO many different purposes.

  • washcloth7) Protect your clothes prior to make-up by putting a washcloth or hand towel on the edge of your sink. I can’t tell you how many times I am wiping make-up off my clothes only to find that I have smeared it all myself (especially if you use loose powders)! Just take a quick second…save yourself some time…and put a towel there.
  • mascara  8) The best mascara I have ever used. Maybeline XXL Pro. 1 Side is for length (skinnier brush to reach those small, inner lashes) & 1 side is for  thickness (bigger brush). Once I find something I love, I stick with it and I have been amazed at how my lashes have responded to this mascara. Definitely clump free.
  • re-nu   9) Eye drops (you guessed it….$1 from Walmart travel section) for making your mascara last longer. Your mascara will almost always dry out before all of it has been used. Put 1, maybe 2 drops of this in there, put the mascara brush back in, rub it around (not too harsh though) and you are free to use it like normal.
    (TIP: my first use after I put 1 or 2 drops in is always a little funky, but after that, it works great!)
  • eyelash curler  10)  Put your eyelash curler under your blow dryer for about 5 seconds (any longer will be too hot!). Your hair is always a little easier to manipulate when it is under heat. The same applies to your eyelashes. Slip it under your blow dryer than use as normal (test with your finger first to make sure it isn’t too hot). Your lashes will stay in that position longer.
  • small comb

 11) Use a small-toothed comb when going for a sleek look using your flat iron . (Invest in one that is meant for heat or else it will melt and become disfigured….right before your eyes..literally!) I always have my flat iron in one hand with my comb in the other. I flat iron and than immediately comb. Repeat. This make sure all your hair is going in the same direction & prevents creases.

  • hair clips  12) Hair clips. Regardless of what hair style you are doing…make sure you section your hair. This may seem very basic but I still see people with pretty hair in the front and then…weird stuff going on in the back. Help yourself out and section it out.



I separate my crown area from my bottom half when flat-ironing. I pull half of my hair on either side of my shoulders, flat iron them separately from root to tip, and then pull them together in the back again to comb/blend.

  • blending 13) Blend your foundation to your neck and even your ears (don’t go crazy, but you may need to). I used to blend just below my chin around my neckline. Now I take that extra step that helps with a more natural look. If I skimp on this because I woke up late and I decide to wear make-up that day, it is the #1 thing people notice. Now, if you when you blend it like this & it is still not “natural” looking, then you may need to get a lighter shade.

14) I use these 2 products for my face. I switch on and off between them but these help my face stay clear from pimples and CLEAN. Even after I wash my face in shower, I will use one of these and my face ALWAYS feels so clean and refreshed!!



  • coconut oil 15) Coconut oil for at-home hair treatment. I use this every month or so to hydrate my hair. While argon oil has been wonderful for my ends and wispy hairs for daily use, I use coconut oil for an actual hair treatment (all natural). You can find it in the cooking section at your local store of your choosing. You need to melt it first so I always just let it soak (in the glass jar) in my sink full of warm/hot water. Liquid builds on the top and I comb it through roots to ends. I let it sit for 20 or so minutes and then I wash it out twice using shampoo. (I like to wrap it up using my clips and then put a shower cap on so oil doesn’t get on on everything). It is so shiny and soft afterwards!!
  • 16) Always do your touch ups after you have “finished” your make-up look.  By this, I mean removing make-up where it shouldn’t be. Generally, I have to……

1) Wipe off my mouth to remove any foundation that got on my lips. Any foundation is VERY noticeable for me                                          (I have naturally red lips).


2) Use my finger (I have found that it works better than any brush for this!) to blend my eye-shadow where mascara has messed it up. I wait a while after my mascara has dried. Sometimes I just do this in the car before I head out somewhere. By then, my mascara has definitely dried)



3) Use the leftover foundation on my foundation brush to ease my blush if I put too much on. (MY right cheek: Too Much, MY left cheek: After I fixed it) I don’t want to look like a clown! And hopefully you don’t want to either 😉


4) Use a Q-Tip and Baby Oil to take off  smeared mascara below my lower eye lashes


  • (17 I take these supplements/vitamins to help me stay healthy! And don’t forget to drink water! You have to work from the inside out. If you are focusing too much on the make-up and hair but then feed yourself junk and fill up on sugary drinks, you aren’t helping yourself out!


   1) Biotin helps my hair, skin, and nails grow faster and keeps them strong

    2) Just a basic Women’s Multi-Vitamin I take to keep everything balanced

    3) I’m not a huge seafood person, but the fish oils helps my joints stay strong and  healthy in the long run

  • 18) Plan NO make-up days! My fiance, Nathan loves them (And asks for them regularly!). Make-up and hair is fun, and I enjoy it- but  I have to make sure I don’t get so comfortable that I don’t like myself without make-up. Love the skin you are in and enjoy the natural look and feel (ahh, scratching your eyes without smearing ANYTHING- best feeling ever). If you are reading this and you don’t wear make-up that often or not at all, this seems silly, but if you love make-up- you understand!!!

Thanks for reading! I never thought I would ever put something like this together,and I definetely felt kind of akward taking pictures of myself for something like this but hopefully it was worth it- even if it was only 1 new tip that was helpful for you 🙂



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