Stylish Starbucks Gift Card

Stylish Starbucks Gift Card

Yes, yes I know- You can always just simply buy the gift card, place it in your own card/envelope and give it to someone and they will feel special. Or, you can take it up a notch and get the actual gift card envelope or metal box and they will feel special too. Well, I like to keep things fun and creative….even if it’s all for the same thing: a simple gift card. So here we go:

1) Ask for a cup of your choice (don’t forget the lid & the straw!)
2) Wrap the gift card & straw in the brown tissue paper (with the straw peeping at the top)
3) Smoosh the white tissue paper on top
4) Poke the straw through the lid and seal the top!
5) Boom! You’re Done!

*Unless you want to add some ribbon and a home-made gift tag like I did



I LOVE making hand-made gifts. No matter how small, it’s the thought that counts and the love that goes into making it. ❤ Enjoy! Be a blessing to someone today 🙂


DSCN0681(Next time I will do a better job of hiding the card shape hahaha)


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